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Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation strives to provide our patients with the best healthcare services in southeastern Kentucky and the surrounding region.  Central to this endeavor lies the MCHC Quality Services Department.  The department consists of Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants, Community Health Workers, and other support staff aimed at ensuring our patients receive the most effective, thorough, and affordable health care available.


Assistance with scheduling Annual Wellness Visits/Checkups

Chronic Care Management

  • Personal Nurse Access

  • Monthly Outreach via Quality Nursing staff

  • Assistance with appointments, referrals, medication, and health questions or concerns

Assistance in scheduling Preventive Services 

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening (colonoscopy, Cologuard, stool sample)

  • Breast Cancer Screening (Mammogram)

  • Cervical Cancer Screening (Pap Smear)

  • Diabetic Eye and Foot Exams

  • Immunizations (i.e. flu shot, pneumonia shot, childhood immunizations, etc.)

Diabetic Teaching/Counseling Services

  • Dietitian

  • Diabetic Educator

  • Weekly Diabetic Classes

  • In-home assistance via Community Health Workers

  • Weekly “Walk-N-Talk” opportunities at the Letcher County Recreation Center

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices (iPro)

  • Medication/Glucometer Assistance

Collaborations/Partnerships with:

  • University of Louisville

  • University of Kentucky

  • Marshall University

  • University of Chicago

  • MERCK Foundation


If you have questions or are interested in any of the services provided by the MCHC Quality Services Department, please contact our office at (606) 633-4871 extension 2366.


Quality Department Team Members

Tammy Collett, RN

Shannon Powers, RN

Miranda Johnson, RN

Valerie Breeding, RN

Ernestine Hill, RN

Carla Sturgill

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