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"RAISE: Reach, Achieve, Inspire, Support, Employ" is a pioneering workforce enhancement initiative launched by Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation (MCHC).


This program equips employees with the essential skills, knowledge, and chances for progression into available corporate roles. RAISE adeptly connects education with employment, delivering an impactful educational journey that safeguards employees' income, benefits, and personal time. The initiative kicks off through a partnership between RAISE and the MCHC Human Resources department to pinpoint employment needs within the corporation.


Following this, MCHC collaborates with The University of Louisville Modern Apprenticeship Program, KCTCS, and other partners to craft apprenticeship opportunities specifically designed to mitigate the shortfall of employees, serving as an excellent tool for retention and recruitment. Participants of the RAISE program must dedicate at least one year to the corporation upon completing their apprenticeship, leading to promotion within MCHC. This commitment fosters workforce growth and offers a robust support network for employees, steering them toward career progression and a salary increase.


RAISE establishes a win-win scenario where employees receive vital skills, support, and prospects for career growth. At the same time, MCHC enjoys the benefits of a skilled, committed workforce, enhancing the corporation's success and growth. With twelve apprenticeship programs already in place, MCHC is dedicated to continuously expanding RAISE to nurture a vibrant, future-ready workforce.


The first cohort of Medical Assistants, consisting of individuals from entry-level positions like housekeeping and reception, graduated in December 2023. These individuals, previously hindered by various barriers, can now achieve their educational ambitions without financial burden or loss of salary. Thanks to expanding partnerships, RAISE now spans twelve programs across healthcare and administrative fields, filling critical roles in certified healthcare and administration, ensuring a comprehensive approach to workforce development.


With MCHC serving approximately 53,000 patients and facilitating over 346,230 unique encounters annually, nearly a quarter of our workforce is actively engaged in one of our programs. This demonstrates our commitment to growth in terms of our company's capacity and enhancing the services provided to our patients. RAISE is consistently evolving to align with the needs of our organization and the communities we care for.

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